B2B Recharge Software

At FITI Tech we have veteran technical experts who are proficient in using technology. We always prioritize the user experience while opting for any new or existing technology as developers or designers.

Our B2B recharge software helps all distributors and retailers to recharge their mobiles pre/postpaid, DTH, data card, landline, gas, electricity etc. and make payment through any mode. We provide attractive commission, recharge process and design structure for both mobile and websites.

Offering features like customizing commission settings, integrating multiple API, distributing virtual balance to distributors and retailers, calculating daily earning and export reports and many more, our B2B recharge software provides you ease in business expansion and helps you becoming the leader in recharge industry.

Isn't it a platform that any distributor or retailer would be dreaming of?

Join us for finding tips to get success in this industry.